Sheet metal presswork

UNIVAL has operated in the engineering field since 1980.

Over the years, it has specialized in the cold forming process of metal sheets, working for various companies and sectors across the industry, which it performs an extensive range of processes for including deep-drawing shearing, welding and powder coating The wide variety of work we supply includes:

Dished heads

Flat heads

Metal cones for cement mixers

The process of metal stamping incorporates mechanical and hydraulic presses, with variable power from 40 to 100 tonnes,including unwinding and feeding complete lines.

The business can count on its skilful staff and technicians, who have a fleet of the latest equipment at their disposal. This equipment includes beading and trimming machines, positioners, welding, bending and sheering equipment.


Our business is based on the mass production of mechanical components for large, medium and small models, with a view to continue improving the production process so we can guarantee our customers the utmost satisfaction in terms of quality, price and service.

Our work aims to continue the growth and diversification in the world of engineering.
We are dedicated to the development of our business by finding ways to broaden our managerial competence, and by keeping up with the constant updates in technology.

The main values for which we are currently recognized are transparency, honesty and quality. Every business decision is driven by our ability to interpret the needs of our strong customer base and by the aim to increase our competitive advantage in the market and respond even more adequately to the demands of our customers.